CASE STUDY | Young Nails

From $180k to $1 million ad generated revenue per month

When Habib came to us, Young Nails was a stagnant business for over 5 years. With very little paid marketing strategy, there was no path for growing the business to the next level. Habib wanted to grow Young Nails, a small family business well beyond its current state and become a true recognizable brand name that honored his family name.


We got to work quickly and immediately turned ads into the powerhouse of the business. In the first 30 days we focused entirely on making advertising more profitable, we improved ROAS by 41% by eliminating the strategies that do not work. Impressed by 30 day results, Habib and the Young Nails team gave us free reign to manage their ads. In the first 12 months we increased average monthly ad profit by 131% by leveraging our Flywheel ad strategy. Young Nails scaled from an average 180k in ad revenue per month to over 1 million average ad revenue per month. Young Nails is continuing to gain market share and explore additional paid media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Snap.

Young Nails


Short-Term Results
41% increase in ROAS in 30 days.

Long-Term Results
131% increase in ad profit in 12 months.

Habib Salo