From unable to scale to over 100k per month in ad revenue

Joe came to us because he couldn't find an experienced advertising agency that wasn't charging a ridiculous rate for the ad services he needed. Lola Drè sells exclusive high end designer brands and Joe the CEO has a background in web design and functionality, sounds like a match made in heaven. Lola Drè was stuck, they couldn't scale beyond 10k in spend per month which was capping their growth potential in a competitive market. The goal was to scale the business while maintaining the same ROAS in both Google Ads and Facebook Ads.


We kicked off focused 100% on increasing scale without compromising ROAS, within just 30 days we increased spend by 133% and revenue by 91%. After the initial 30 days we introduced new ad platforms and continued to scale on existing platforms. Lola Drè is the perfect example of a brand and owner who is willing to give control of advertising to true experts. Moving forward our mission stays the same, consistent scaling month over month while maintaining the ROAS in a hyper competitive market.

Lola Drè

Boutique Fashion

Short-Term Results
Increased ad profit by 94% in 90 days

Long-Term Results
From 28k ad revenue per month to over 100k ad revenue per month in 10 months.

Joe Rahman