How we helped Glamsquad increase their ROAS by 191% in two weeks and scale their revenue by 226% in 5 months by reverting their paid advertising back to a strategy that was popular in 2012

The moment we met with Glamsquad we knew this would be a highly impactful partnership. Before working with us, Glamsquad was working with another agency that delivering sub-par results under there goal KPIs. Glamsquad was a growing business but was having trouble scaling as quickly as they wanted to in order to truly take there business to the next level. 


We knew we had to make immediate changes to the account structure. Glamsquad is an influential business that requires high quality content to be pushed to the exact audience at the right time. During the first 2-weeks we revamped there ad setup, fixed all tracking, and improved the path to purchase. By just implementing our new structure and removing strategies that do not work, we improved ROAS by an incredible 191% in Facebook Ads. 

After our first BIG win we continued to build on our setup and implement our growth structure that we use for every single client. In just 5 months we scaled revenue by 226% while improving ROAS by 212%. Long story short, Glamsquad was able to spend the same amount of money as before but return 212% more for every dollar they spent. 



Short-Term Results
191% increase in ROAS in 2 Weeks.

6-month Results
226% increase in Revenue
212% Increase In ROAS

Co-Founder & CEO
David Goldweitz